Sadolin PV67 Heavy Duty 2 part Varnish for Floor, Bar Tops, Hard Wearing Areas

Sadolin PV67 Heavy Duty 2 part Varnish for Floor, Bar Tops, Hard Wearing Areas

Sadolin PV67 Heavy Duty 2 part Varnish for Floor, Bar Tops, Hard Wearing Areas
Product Name: Sadolin PV67 Heavy Duty 2 part Varnish for Floor, Bar Tops, Hard Wearing Areas. Sadolin PV67 is the only'protective coating' we can confidently recommend as a wooden bar top lacquer. Bar tops and other wooden surfaces must be clean, dry and free from all surface dirt, debris and other contaminates prior to coating with Sadolin PV67 Heavy Duty Varnish. Timber must be intact and in good condition with a moisture content of no more than 14% prior to coating. Knotting agents' should not be used with Sadolin varnish systems.

Compatible fillers such as Morrells Two-Part Coloured Wood Fillers and Fiddes Wood Filler Gel can be used for making good any minor surface defects, imperfections and open joints etc. General or'All Purpose' fillers may not be suitable. Surfaces should be carefully denibbed between coats using a fine grade nylon abrasive pad or fine grade (P240 or finer) wet or dry silicone carbide abrasive paper, in the direction of the grain. Do not break through the surface coating and ensure that all surfaces are clean and free from dust before applying additional coats. Only use non-ferrous screws, nails and fixings.

Note: Sadolin PV67 Heavy Duty Varnish is for interior surfaces only and is not suitable for exterior projects. Resinous deposits should be removed from the wood with a scraper.

Remove any remaining residues and degrease any exposed bare timber surface by wiping with a clean, lint free cloth, moistened with methylated spirits frequently changing the face of the cloth. Allow methylated spirit to fully evaporate before overcoating. Lightly abrade along the grain using a suitable abrasive paper taking care not to damage or scratch the timber surface. Remove all surface dust before overcoating. Sadolin PV67 Heavy Duty Varnish should not be applied to conventional single pack varnishes, either solvent based or water borne.

If in any doubt about the nature of an existing finish, it must be completely stripped back to bare wood and treated as'New Timber. Organic growths must be removed and infected surfaces should be treated with a suitable Fungicidal Wash.

Remaining sound surfaces should be cleaned using warm water and a mild detergent and rinsed thoroughly with clean water. Bare timber should be patch primed with one coat of Sadolin PV67 Heavy Duty Varnish. Finish with 1 or 2 further coats as required.

Care and maintenance of floors coated with Sadolin PV67. Floors and surfaces coated with Sadolin PV67 must not be cleaned with wax polishes, strong detergents or caustic soda. A clean with mild detergent and a damp cloth / mop is all that is required.

Do not flood the surface with water. Surfaces can then be buffed with a dry cloth or mop to restore the sheen. Acrylic emulsion'dressings' may be applied as necessary to improve abrasion resistance, restore shine and help to cover minor scratches. If maintenance becomes necessary, Surfaces should be lightly sanded with a fine grade abrasive paper. Remove all dust completely and apply one coat of PV67 Varnish (two component).

Small areas that have become worn can be maintained by'feathering' a maintenance coat into the surrounding varnish after using a fine grade abrasive paper to prepare the surface. Coatings in a poor condition should be removed completely. Emulsion dressings must be removed before maintaining with PV67 Varnish. Newly applied surfaces should be allowed one week complete curing time before any cleaning is undertaken. Clean brushes and equipment with a proprietary brush cleaner immediately after use.

Spillages should be removed immediately while still wet, using cellulose thinners or methylated spirits. Ensure this pack is stored upright and secure at all times. Crown Paints Limited cannot accept liability for damage caused by spillage. Do not store below 5°C or above 40°C. Warm and dry weather conditions assure proper drying/curing.

Excessive humidity or low temperature will affect the chemical reaction in the finish, causing incomplete drying/curing. The formaldehyde release period can also be negatively affected. To minimise such problems, application of. Is recommended between 18 - 25°C and not above 65% relative humidity. If there is any doubt regarding the level of humidity present, a dehumidifier should be used prior to, during, and immediately after application.

Good air flow and ventilation are essential at ground level during and after application. Where air circulation is poor, the use of an electric fan is recommended to assist air movement in the room. Do not direct drafts at the surface. The moisture content of the timber should be allowed to stabilise to the conditions within the room, and should not exceed 14%.

PV67 Heavy Duty Varnish is ready to use in its combined form and does not require thinning. It is not recommended to increase the speed of drying by using additional hardener.

Protect from water until dry. Do not apply to wood species with a heavy oil content without thorough surface preparation, i. Sanding and degreasing with a sharp solvent (methylated spirit) and if necessary a trial application. Do not over and under dose hardener. The exact amount is very important.

Do not apply over floors that have been bleached. Do not apply over conventional single pack varnishes either water or solvent borne. If in any doubt about the nature of the existing finish it must be completely removed back to bare wood and treated as new. Do not allow heavy traffic for at least eight hours after application. Do not install furniture until 24 hours after application?

Do not install rugs until one week after application. Ensure product is thoroughly stirred before and during application, otherwise sheen and colour variations may be experienced. Sadolin PV67 Heavy Duty Varnish is mixed in the ratio of 10 parts varnish to 1 part hardener, by volume. The varnish / hardener mixture must be thoroughly shaken immediately prior to use.

As the hardener contains acid, mixing should only take place in suitable vessels such as plastic, glass or an undamaged enamel vessel. Note: Once the 2 components of the varnish have been mixed, the product can be stored in a closed container below 20°C and remains useable for up to 3 - 4 hours, however we strongly recommend only mixing sufficient material for individual coats at any one time.

Sadolin PV67 Heavy Duty Varnish should be applied in full flowing coats ensuring wooden bar tops and other surfaces are fully coated with the lacquer. For best results use a soft bristle brush, lambs wool applicator or quality woven short to medium pile roller. Clean application tools prior to use to ensure that any fibre shed is minimised.

Wash applicators and allow to fully dry. Masking tape can also be used to remove loose fibres. Follow surface preparation instructions in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, finish with 3 full coats of Sadolin PV67 Heavy Duty Varnish allowing a minimum of 3 - 4 hours drying between coats. Avoid over brushing as this will cause brush marks and result in a poor quality finish and also reduce the level of protection afforded. Carefully denib the fist coat using a fine grade nylon abrasive pad or a fine grade (P240 or finer) wet or dry silicone carbide abrasive paper in the direction of the grain before overcoating.

Do not break through the surface coating. All subsequent coatings should be applied as soon as possible after the previous coat has fully cured.

Not suitable for use on laminate flooring or other laminated surfaces. If you are being asked for more then please request a total from us. All orders to Scotland, Scottish Highlands/Islands, Northern Ireland and offshore english islands will ONLY receive a 3-5 day service.

A next day service is NOT available in these areas. We accept all major credit & debit cards by calling our centre on 01782 272542. Decor 8 Northern has evolved over 20 years from our origins as traditional decorators merchant (formerly Red Rose Paints) into the company we are today. We try to keep all stock levels accurate. If there are any issues with your order you will be kept informed throughout the sales process.

We will always same out the same shade/batch of wallpaper. Before leaving feedback we ask you to make sure the goods we have sent are what you have ordered. Please do not open any products if there is an error with your order. Faulty goods must be reported to us as soon as possible, so that we can work with you and the manufacturers to resolve the situation.

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Sadolin PV67 Heavy Duty 2 part Varnish for Floor, Bar Tops, Hard Wearing Areas

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